Blackjack strategy

Do you need a blackjack strategy guide you can rely on to improve your game? In that case, look no further than our strategies for black jack that cover every possible variation of the game.

If you are familiar with the basic black jack rules, you probably know it is up to a casino to determine how many decks will be used for the game. The number can vary from one to eight, and that can affect how you will form your blackjack winning strategy.

This article will focus on how many decks in blackjack are used for playing to determine which of the strategies for black jack you should use. You will notice that multi deck blackjack requires a different approach than a single deck blackjack strategy.

Each of our strategy charts focuses on statistical odds. In other words, we have chosen actions that secure you the most chances to win in that particular hand. Keep in mind that no strategy guarantees you will win, but knowing when not to hit in blackjack will get you closer to the victory.

Single Deck Blackjack Hand Chart¬

The first chart we will present is designed for playing with 52 cards. When it comes to basic blackjack strategy charts, this is the one you should start with.

Single Deck Blackjack Hand Chart¬

As you can see, this blackjack simple strategy chart shows you the actions you should make based on the strength of your initial hand. Think of this as your blackjack cheat sheet when you are playing with 52 cards. You can print the table above and keep it with you when playing online. However, please note that the land-based facilities won’t let you keep your single deck blackjack odds chart with you when playing.

2 Deck Blackjack Strategy

2 Deck Blackjack Strategy

The 2 deck blackjack requires a different strategy compared to playing with only 52 cards. The analysis in the above table reveals that you should adjust your actions based on the double deck blackjack odds that our statistical experts carefully calculated to enable you an advantage over the dealer.

The double deck blackjack also takes advantage of some basic tips, such as splitting eights and aces, and standing if you have a hand value of 20 with your initial cards.

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy

The next in the line of the blackjack charts we are presenting is the one adequate for playing with four decks or 208 cards. The formula is identical to any other blackjack hit stay chart. You should analyze what the dealer has shown on the table, as well as the cards you have in your hands. Based on that, you check out the table and choose your desired action.

Blackjack Strategy 6 Deck

Blackjack Strategy 6 Deck

Here is the deal – a blackjack perfect strategy doesn’t exist. However, it is always welcome when you have a blackjack hit chart that you can use in multiple situations. The chart suitable for playing with six decks will also serve you as an 8 deck blackjack strategy. The important thing to mention is that there is no room for improvisation. Sticking to the basic chart is your advanced blackjack strategy and only remaining persistent can secure that you will walk out as a winner.

Blackjack Switch Odds

You probably heard that the game has a switch variation, which is more exciting because it allows you to move cards between hands. Regardless, you should analyze every hand and act in accordance with the below sheet:

Blackjack Switch Odds

What are the most important guidelines to follow to play this game to win? It is quite simple – the first thing to ensure is that you picked the right strategy from the ones we mentioned above. The majority of the casinos will allow you to choose the variation you want to play.

When it comes to strategies for black jack, the number of decks does not considerably affect your chances. You might need to adjust your tactics based on the playable cards, but the mathematical odds are still calculated in a way to ensure you have the best possible chances against the house.

In case it doesn’t go the way you imagined, make sure that you stick to your tactics. The probability law says that you will eventually start winning, which is the reason why these charts can work in the long run.

How to Count Cards in Blackjack and Win Big

The card counting strategy is so popular that even some movies are inspired by it. Many players confirm that this can be a successful tactic in beating the dealer and winning big. The problem is that the casinos realize the problem that the blackjack counting systems cause them. That is why you have to be cautious and do your best to keep the fact you are counting a secret.

If you are wondering what is card counting in blackjack, it is a valid strategy that some would call simple, and others complicated. In its essence, the system relies on identifying how many low and high cards from the deck have already passed. That will enable you to estimate the probability of whether the upcoming card(s) will be high or low. By accurately estimating the next card, you will boost your winning odds instantly.

Here is a how to count blackjack cards simple step by step guide. First, you need to set values to specific cards. The easiest way is to do this:

  • Use “1” to value all cards from 2 to 6.
  • Use “0” to value all those from 7 to 9.
  • Use “-1” to value those ranging from 10 to A.

Start from “0” and, as each card passes, add or subtract the total value. That is also called your “running count.” Use this number to your advantage by betting whenever it is positive.

For the multi-deck games, you also need to implement the “true count.” Due to the number of decks, you need to take the running count and divide with the decks remaining to be played. If the result is positive, it is the right time to bet.

Did you like our how to count cards blackjack instructions? If the answer is yes, make sure to practice and master it before heading to a casino.


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